FIFA Sets October 21 As The Date For The Football Associations To Send The Lists Of Their Preliminary Teams That Will Compete In The World Cup – Qatar 2022.

The International Football Association and the Organizing Committee for the Qatar 2022 World Cup have set October 21 as the date for the football federations to send the lists of their preliminary teams that will compete in the World Cup.

And the football federations reached a letter from the International Football Association, regarding the conditions that must be adhered to, in preparation for participating in the Qatar World Cup 2022, which will be held between November 20 and December 18 next.

The International Federation called on the football federations participating in the World Cup to send their preliminary lists before the 21st of October, provided that it includes between 35 and 55 players, including at least four goalkeepers.

The letter of the International Federation recommended that the final list in which the teams will participate in the finals should include between 23 and 26 players only, provided that they are all in the preliminary list, except in exceptional cases, after studying the request and deciding on it by the bodies of the International Federation.

The International Football Association correspondent stressed that the list was not published in public opinion before the deadline for its submission to the World Cup Organizing Committee.

The International Federation called for the necessity of specifying another list related to the accompanying delegation, of officials, administrators and guests, and specified their number in 70 people, with their names, qualities and tasks that they will perform during their stay in Qatar.

In the same context, the football associations must inform the organizing committee of the arrival time of the teams’ delegation, as well as their preparation program, and the number of training sessions they will participate in before the first match.

By: Manal bengilale

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