Editorial Team Transparency Information

We are pleased to introduce our writers/editorial team.

Mr Farhat Mian

CEO, Founder and news writer at www.uzland.info (M.U. ACCOUNTANTS LTD)
Facebook: facebook.com/farhat.mian.l
Email: farhat.mian@uzland.info

Mr Mehdi Jabrane

News writer/editor, language reviser and content creator at www.uzland.com (M.U. ACCOUNTANTS LTD)
Facebook: facebook.com/mehdi.jabrane
Email: mehdi.jabrane@uzland.info

Ms Manal bengilale

News writer/editor, language reviser at www.uzland.info (M.U. ACCOUNTANTS LTD)
Facebook: facebook.com/manal.bengilale
Email: manal.bengilale@uzland.info

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